Website analytics is a method of data collection to determine the source and behavior of visitors to your website. Orange Dudes utilizes website analytics to develop key performance indicators (KPIs), to pinpoint lost opportunities, improve conversion rates, and help clients identify media campaigns that are over or under-performing. The goal of any marketing campaign is to manipulate user/visitor behavior to influence them to perform a preferred action, and proper tracking is the first step to effective marketing.


Analytics Consulting

Orange Dudes provides general analytics consultation services to assist you in troubleshooting specific problems you may be facing in getting tracking users, or establishing accurate reporting of analytics data.

Consultation costs range from $150 – $250 hour depending upon your commitment and specific needs.

Most customers begin with 3-4 hours of Consultation dedicated to reviewing their analytics installation and determining recommendations for tracking improvements and establishing KPI’s for ongoing monitoring.

Analytics Setup

Orange Dudes provides this one-time service to assist you in kick-starting analytics efforts. Orange Dudes provides a strong emphasis on proper optimization of profiles for measuring ROI. Analytics set-up services include:

  • Website analysis to determine a customized analytics tracking code installation
  • Assistance in identifying and implementing appropriate tracking goals and identifying KPIs
  • Creating multiple tracking profiles to segment various sources of website traffic
  • Testing to ensure proper installation of analytics tracking.

In addition to Google Analytics, Orange Dudes can assist with installation of heatmapping, call tracking, and other analytics services.

Pricing for analytics set-up can range from $750 to $2,500 depending upon the size of the site and specific needs.

Analytics Monitoring

Orange Dudes provides ongoing monitoring of your analytics data with regular reporting and meetings to provide guidance toward optimization and improvement of KPIs.

Monitoring services including ongoing establishment of analytics tracking across active marketing channels, monitoring of analytics tools with alerts, and comprehensive reporting of key performance indicators, trends, SEO and Paid Search Value, hidden and missed opportunities, weaknesses, and detailed recommendations for improvement.  Reporting is typically provided monthly, but custom reporting intervals are available.

Analytics monitoring is a custom service, with pricing typically ranging from $450 to $2,000 per month.

Conversion Optimization and A/B Testing

Conversion tracking and optimization is a critical component for any marketing effort.  Through proper tracking of user behavior and development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), your organization will be able to make the changes that really matter.

We will help you determine the best metrics to track that will positively impact your goals. We start by bringing together your organization’s key personnel and determine what is important. We then create a custom KPI report specifically for you, offering suggestions and changes that will help you thrive.

Orange Dudes offers several different types of customized tracking solutions to assist with establishing benchmarks and monitoring changes for conversation rate optimization.