LinkedIn Campaigns

Raise Awareness, Build Relationships, Drive Leads

LinkedIn offers a broad range of advertising options through its all-in-one platform, ranging from Sponsored Content, InMail and Text Ads to exclusively placed, highly visible Dynamics Ads. OrangeDudes can provide you with a complete customized LinkedIn Advertizing Strategy or guide you by setting up seperate campaigns.

We help you get the word out across all platforms and use the easy-to-use targeting options to reach the exact audience for your advertising. Whether you’re sharing your company’s content or an upcoming conference, we will spark meaningful conversations between your company and the right prospects.


What you can do with Sponsored Content

  • Get your company’s updates to more people and attract new followers
  • Reach just the right audience with our comprehensive targeting options
  • Get your message out on every device: desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Set your own budget and choose from cost per click or cost per impression options
  • Use Direct Sponsored Content to easily test your messaging
  • Track the number of leads you’re getting from your ads on LinkedIn with conversion tracking


Sponsored InMail helps you to

  • Generate leads with a persistent call-to-action (CTA) button on mobile and desktop
  • With real-time delivery, Sponsored InMail messages are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn


With Text Ads you can

  • Choose the professional audience you want to reach
  • Easily create your own ads
  • Set your own budget – without contracts or long-term commitments
  • Pay for only the ads that work – per click or per impression
  • Track the number of leads you’re getting from your ads on LinkedIn with conversion tracking


Why use Dynamic Ads

  • Communicate effectively with your targeted audience
  • Analyze and evaluate the performance of your ads
  • Increase the of your followers