Mobile Advertising

The local mobile consumer

Your future customers are literally just round the corner, and mobile can get them in through your door. In fact, four in five consumers use search engines to find products, services or experiences nearby. They conduct local searches wherever they happen to be. 84% use search engines on their computer or tablet and even more (88%) do so on their smartphone (Source).

Retailers are waking up to the power of capturing mobile demand. A 2013 Digby analysis indicated that 70% of top retailers now offer mobile apps. Further research indicates that 78% of fast food chains, 75% of casual dining brands, 77% of big box retailers, 59% of independent shops and 58% of supermarkets have mobile apps (Source).

By understanding the mobile consumer and the challenges and opportunities that the new mobile landscape gives to advertisers, you can better prepare your company’s mobile strategy. As we continue through this mobile training, we’ll help to guide you through how to create a mobile strategy in order to best fulfil your advertising objectives.

Next, we’ll learn about a tool that can help you to understand mobile trends and the opportunities that mobile presents.