When talking about Website Optimisation a variety of aspects are taken into consideration. First of all, the design and functionality should be such that clients trust it enough to stay on it and provide their data through it. Even if the brand of the website is well know, clients will probably avoid sharing their information or buying anything through it if it does not look trustworthy. OrangeDudes can provide you with the key factors to improve functionality and design and if necessary apply them to the website.



Besides these front-end aspects, the code on the back-end is also very important as it comes to website optimisation. At OrangeDudes we have the knowledge on adjusting the back-end of web pages in such a manner that they become seach-engine friendly.


Search Engine Optimisation is not necessarily an obscure art that is only accessible for the few. Our SEO Services are understandable, transparent, and really work. We will show you the tendencies in search engine algorithms and searches and how your website can benefit from them.

Search Engine Marketing is the strategy used to position your website and products on the first page of the various search engines rankings.  By leveraging the best practices in optimizing for the search engines, your website will rank higher, get found easier, and generate more traffic from your target audience.

We assist you in optimizing your website for search engine marketing for websites such as Google and Bing, as well as App Stores and Amazon Search.



Getting more traffic and optimizing the amount of traffic that converts is the one-two punch any great marketing campaign needs. Conversion rate optimization is about testing. With CRO, we’ll help to ensure that those large gains in traffic also lead to large gains in revenue.



Mobile access to websites is rapidly surpassing the present desktop use as your customers’ first stop for information. We will ensure your mobile site is every bit as intuitive and accessible as its desktop counterpart. Search optimization, app integration and more go into making mobile the centerpiece of a truly multi-channel strategy.